A XAML UWP Custom Control – The Expander

wpf expander

Hi All
I’ve been putting some serious work into a productivity app that I will hopefully release onto the Windows 10 store before the end of the year.
One of the key components I needed for my app is an ‘expander’, which doesn’t come as standard with the default UWP control library from Microsoft.
Therefore, I decided to crank up my Visual Studio 2015 & Blend, and knock up a nice little responsive expander to plug into my app.

Designing the Expander

As always, I have created the control as part of a Window Runtime Component, as it may end up in a control library that I am currently creating.

If you wish to grab a copy of the full source code, then its on my GitHub repository here

So feel free to download as use the code as you like, and let me know what you think


About the author

Dean Chalk

I am a freelance (contract) Microsoft WPF developer, specialising in challenging, high-performance user interface development. I have been working exclusively on enterprise WPF app development since 2006, and I have been a part of some of the most demanding WPF projects ever created withing the Investment Banking / trading industry.