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My name is Dean Chalk, and I live in a village called Burwash, situated in the rolling East Sussex countryside of the UK.
I have been a freelance enterprise software developer for over 20 years, the last 17 of which have been solely with Microsoft .NET tools and technologies.
Although I have a lot of experience with ASP.NET and Windows Forms, I have worked exclusively with WPF since its launch in 2006.

My special 'niche' is creating trading applications for Investment banks and large utilities that have their own trading desks. Such customers are incredibly demanding, and this has allowed me to take the WPF technology stack to its absolute limits.

In trading environments, the traders pay for the software development, and they are VERY tough customers to keep satisfied. Their demands are such that software projects cannot use 3rd party control, libraries, which means that everything has to be created from scratch, to a very high standard.
For this reason, I have extensive custom control development experience focusing on performance in very demanding and substantial, high-density applications.

I am also very passionate about software development for the desktop for which WPF is still the most powerful solution despite not changing much since 2006. 

Forget PWA's, SPA's or any 'mobile first' wannabe 'stuff'. WPF is still the king of the desktop, and it is this fact that drives my passion for Microsoft's greatest platform technology.

My customers include:

You can contact me at dean@deanchalk.com