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WPF Coding Solutions

WPF TextBlock With Search String Matching
How about a WPF search feature that allows you to highlight where in your text certain search terms can be found.
A XAML UWP Custom Control – The Expander
The UWP Expander. I was just tinkering around and wanted to see if this useful control could be developed for UWP
WPF / MVVM – Property Changed To Command Behavior
Translate your INotifyPropertyChanged events to ICommands with this simple utility class
Multi-threading, ObservableCollection, Reactive Extensions
Create a Reactive ObservableCollection to solve many WPF synchronization issues
WPF – Enum ItemsSource With Custom Behavior
Want to bind your WPF application's lists to an Enum? This simple set of utility classes makes this possible.
WPF TreeView – SelectedItem Two Way Binding
The WPF Treeview doesn't support 2-way binding, but this simple solution will allow you to support this scenario
Modal Controls Via DispatcherFrame
Want to create a Modal Window in WPF with a nested message pump? This can be done easily by utilizing DispatcherFrame
Is It Nullable ?
Quick and easy test for C# nullability
INotifyPropertyChanged Via DynamicObject Proxy
This article shows you how to retro-fit INotifyPropertyChanged to a regular POCO utilizing DynamicObject
Dispatcher-Safe Observable Collection for WPF
An ObservableCollection class that is thread-safe